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What is an engineer How to become an Engineer

what is an engineer how to become an engineer

There will hardly be any student who does not know about the engineer. After 10th class we can go in engineering field and for this there are different departments in which we can complete our engineering studies. But we cannot become an engineer after completing engineering studies, so what is an engineer, we are going to tell you this in this post.

If we talk about the meaning of engineer or the definition of engineer, then a person who invents something, designs it or tests a machine, makes something new using different experiments, we can call him an engineer . Any student has to study engineering to become an engineer, for which it is mandatory to do a diploma or degree of at least 3 years, so if you also want to become an engineer, then below you have been given complete information about how You can become an engineer.

how many types of engineering are there

There are many types of engineering cleaning that are made for different products or for a particular technology. Such as electrical engineering computer science mechanical engineering software engineering etc. Any person who is interested in any field, as if someone is interested in computer, then he can make his future in the field of computer by engineering from computer science. Apart from this, there are many other branches of engineering whose list is given below. .

Types of Mechanical Engineering Degrees
  1. Biomedical Engineering Degree
  2. Biomechanical Engineering Degree
  3. Automotive Engineering Degree
  4. Mechanical Engineering Degree
  5. Aerospace Engineering Degree
Types of Civil Engineering Degrees
  1. Civil Engineering Degree
  2. Structural Engineering Degree
  3. Architectural Engineering Degree
Types of Electrical Engineering Degrees
  1. Robotics Engineering Degree
  2. Microelectronic Engineering Degree
  3. Mechatronics Engineering Degree
  4. Electrical Engineeing Degree
  5. Electronics Engineering Degree
  6. Computer Engineering Degree
Types of Chemical Engineering Degrees
  1. Materials Science Engineering Degree
  2. Sustainability Design Degree
  3. Environmental Engineering Degree
  4. Chemical Engineering Degree
  5. Agricultural Engineering Degree
  6. Paper Engineering Degree
Types of Engineering Management Degrees
  1. Systems Engineering Degree
  2. Industrial Engineering Degree
  3. Manufacturing Engineering Degree
  4. MBA In Engineering Degree
  5. Engineering Management Degree
Types of Geotechnical Engineering Degrees
  1. Geological Engineering Degree
  2. Engineering Physics
  3. Marine Engineering Degree
  4. Mining Engineering Degree
  5. Ceramics Engineering Degree
  6. Photonics Engineering Degree
  7. Geomatics Engineering Degree
  8. Nuclear Engineering Degree
  9. Nanotechnology Engineering
  10. Metallurgical Engineering Degree
  11. Petroleum Engineering Degree
  12. Project Management Degree

Out of all the branches of engineering given above, you can do engineering from any one branch according to your interest. And you can make your future in the field of engineering. Out of all these branches, most engineering is done in the field of electrical mechanical computer. And after doing engineering from these three branches, the chances of getting a good job are very high, by the way, other branches are also very important in their place, if you are interested in those branches, then you should do engineering from the branch in which you are more interested.

How to become an engineer – How to be an engineer

As we all know, to become anything, we have to study related to it or practice that work. But to become an engineer, we have to study first and then practice related to it. And we have to work in the same field only then we can become an engineer, below you have been given complete information about it step by step.

1. Pursue Your Interests

To become an engineer or to do engineering in any field, you must first find out in which field you are interested. Like if you have more interest in computer and want to know more about computer and want to learn about it, then you have to do engineering from computer branch, similarly first of all you have to see in which field you want to go. .

2. Do diploma or degree from engineering branch 

So as soon as you know about your interest, you can do diploma or degree in that field. You can do diploma after 10th standard and degree diploma and after 12th standard. But to do degree after 12th class, you have to take medical and non-medical in 12th class.
After 10th class you can do diploma of polytechnic by doing ITI and after diploma you can also get engineering degree by doing But in all this, you have to keep one thing in mind that if you do diploma from computer branch, then you will have to do degree from computer branch as well.

3. Find a company for your work

After doing diploma or degree, you have to find a company related to your engineering diploma. And in that company you will have to take a job in that company by giving your interview. With which you will be able to work according to your engineering diploma or degree and you will be able to become an engineer in that field.

How to make career in engineering

There are many options to make a career in engineering line. Because there are many branches in the engineering line, according to the number of branches, there will be many job options. Above you have been given a list of all the branches of engineering, so according to which branch you will do engineering, you will get a job in that field. For example, if you will do your engineering from electrical branch, then you can listen to any one of the many job options in the electrical sector. And similarly there are many jobs in the field of computer.

engineer salary

The salary of an engineer depends on his job, in which field he is working, such as if someone is doing the job of a software engineer, then his annual income will be around seven lakhs. Similarly, if someone is working in the mechanical field, then his annual income will be around three to four lakhs, then the salary of all the engineers depends on his work and his position. Some examples are given below.

  1. Mechanical Engineer Salary = Around 4 Lakh Per Year
  2. Civil Engineer Salary In India = Around 3-4 Lakh Per Year
  3. Computer Engineer salary = The salary of a computer engineer depends more on his experience, such as a new computer engineer will get around ₹ 25000 to ₹ 30000 a month and if as he continues to experience, his salary will also increase. Some computer engineers The salary is up to one lakh a month .
  4. Electrical engineer salary in India = around 3-4 lakhs per year
  5. Software Engineer Salary in India = Around 5-15 Lakh Per Year

In this post you will get computer engineer kaise bane, electrical engineer kaise bane, software engineer kaise bane in hindi, mechanical engineer kaise bane, hardware engineer kaise bane, civil engineer kaise bane, railway engineer kaise bane, junior engineer kaise bane  , essay on engineer, Engineer in Hindi, Engineer Day, Engineer Meaning in Hindi has been explained. If there is any question or suggestion regarding this, ask by commenting below.


  1. Diploma me industrial electronic branch jo h wo 4 year ka diploma h pr sir ap plz isse sambandhit information de kyu ki ye branch shirf pure mp k dhar district bs me hi h agr ye branch aur kahi ho to puri jankari dene ka kasht kre dhanyawad

  2. Sir aapne is post me electrical,mechenical aur computer engineering branch ko jyada important bataya hai .Mera interest civil ke chhetra me hai please aap civil ke bare me bataye .kya civil engineering ke chhetra me achhe carriar ki ummed nahi ki ja sakti.?kya civil branch kharab hai? Please tell me sir.

  3. Sir mai suraj kumar jo ke physics H+ keya hua h or hum iti kar rahe h hum ko electric engenear banaa h to diploma kar ke fir b.teh karna hogaa please

  4. hy sir mra sawal ye h ki kya ek engineer jo ki fresher ho company m worker ki trha kam krta h for ex. jaise ki khud machine ki safayi krna khud us machine ka kachra saaf krna or machine pr lgne wala product b khud hi lkr lgna etc.. pls sir eska ans ap jarur de

  5. Dharam pal Nishad says
    Sir main engineer ka course karna chahta hu. Mere samajh me ye nahin aata hai ki main 12class ke bad kaun sa course kare ki future me mujhe benefit ho . hamare mauje me koi vyakt engineer nahi hai jo main ja kar kuchh punch saku, so please sir mujhe btane ki kripa Kare

  6. Sir me ye Janna chat hu Ki iit se engineer or bina iit fight kiye engineer me kya aantar hai sir please give me answers this question

  7. sir me 11th class ka student hu muje enginear ke bare me kuch nahi pata hai muje batae ki me kaise teyari karu aur kaise software enginear banu please muje batae ab me kaya karu 12 me aur kaise enginear banu

  8. I want to engineer my qwalification engineering diploma from bhopal kopal institute of science and technology I want to working for electrical leletad

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