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V-Guard DU 1500 Inverter Price In India

automatically switches on during a power cut. At the same time, it senses overload and also protects your computer from high or low voltage. It keeps the battery safe for a long time, has a short circuit protection and provides unmatched comfort. The DU 1500 has advanced safety features like intelligent thermal management, battery over charge & deep discharge protection, quick battery charging mode, smart overload and short circuit protection.

This can be used anytime, anywhere at your home or workplace. This product is a cost effective, high performance, high reliability and maintenance free best solution for your space. It comes with an intelligent audio & visual indications system. This product from the house of V-Guard can protect your systems from power surges effortlessly, so use it every day for a seamless power backup experience.


Capacity 1500VA / 1200W
Nominal Output Voltage at No Load in Normal Mode 220V + 5VAC
Nominal Output Voltage at No Load in UPS Mode 230V + 5VAC
Nominal Output Voltage at No Load In High Performance Mode (Select By Cabinet Back Side Selection Switch) 240V + 5VAC
Output Waveform (Backup Mode) Sine Wave
Output Frequency (Backup Mode) 50Hz + 0.5Hz (In Normal / UPS Mode)
Normal Mode Mains Input Range in System ON Mode 100V To 280V + 10V
UPS Mode Mains Input Range in System ON Mode 180V To 260V + 5V
Output Voltage (ON Mains Mode) Same as Input Voltage
Normal Mode Input Frequency Range in System ON Mode 43Hz To 57Hz + 0.5Hz
UPS Mode Input Frequency Range in System ON Mode 45Hz To 55Hz + 0.5Hz
Normal Mode Transfer Time in System ON Mode <30 ms
UPS Mode Transfer Time in System ON Mode <16 ms
Recommended Battery 12V / up to 180Ah, 2No.
Charging Current in Normal Charging Mode 9A 1A DC (By Back Side Selection Switch)
Charging Current in High Charging Mode 11A 1A DC (By Back Side Selection Switch)
Protections in Backup & Mains Mode Overload, Short Circuit, Input, Battery Low Voltage, Mains Voltage Low/High, Mains Input Frequency Low/High Cut Off, Mains Fuse Blown, Heat Sink Over Temperature, Battery Over Charging
LED Indications For UPS Mode Selection, Mains ON, Battery Charging, Backup Mode, Battery Low, UPS Overload, UPS Output Short Circuit. Battery Water Topping, Inverter Switch ON & other faults with combinations of LED’s
SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION Provided with one retry
Soft Start Provided
Generator Compatibility Provided
Warranty 2 Years


  • DSP based design
  • High frequency design
  • Intelligent audio & visual indications
  • Advanced MOSFET based power stage with PWM output
  • SMPS based smart charger*
  • Quick battery charging mode
  • Smart overload and short circuit protection
  • Sine wave output
  • Soft start facility
  • Generator compatibility
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Battery over charge & Deep discharge protection
  • Selectable battery option
  • Space saving design

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Additional information



Input AC Voltage

100 – 290V

Input Supply Phases

Single Phase

Load Capacity

1 Kw

Nominal Battery Voltage

24 V

Output waveform

Pure Sine Wave

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