Exide 5.2KVA Solar Hybrid Inverter Price Specification



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Exide 5.2KVA Solar Hybrid Inverter Price Specification

Exide 5.2KVA Solar PCU is designed for highest efficiency: Integrated advanced microprocessor technology combined with pure sine wave output makes them the perfect choice to use with high-end electronics and electrical equipment. Exide combined high quality MOSFETs with MPPT-technology and added Solar Priorisation as an additional feature to offer you a device that is clearly ahead of its competitors.


Capacity 5200 Va
SSC Current 50 A
Battery Voltage 48 V
Panel Capacity 3600 W
Charge Controller Type PWM

Grid Input

Input Supply 230 V
Nominal Input Range 90-290 V
Operating voltage range (UPS Mode) 180 V – 270 V
Operating voltage range (INV Mode) 90 V – 290 V


No Load Output 225 ± 7V
Output Frequency Battery Mode 50 ± 1Hz
Nominal output Current (A)  12.5 A
UPS Efficiency  85%


Overload Retry 6   Times Auto Retries
Battery  Low Retry 4   Times Auto Retries
Short.Circuit.Retry Available
Protection Short  Circuit Trip, Overload Trip, Battery  Low & Over  Charge Protection, Over Temperature  Protection, AC Fuse Trip/ MCB Trip Protection, PV Reverse, Reverse  Current Flow etc.


Display Mains Input Voltage, Battery  Voltage, Applied   Load in Percentage, Battery  Charging/Charged   Status, Battery  Low/ Overcharge Protection, Short  Circuit Protection,Overload Protection, Over Temperature  Protection, AC Fuse Blown/ AC MCB Trip Protection as Fuse Trip, PV Reverse Protection, Availability of Solar Power,  Non Availability of Solar Power  etc.

Switch Details

ON/ OFF Switch LED Glow Indicates UPS is Delivering Power.
MODE   Switch LED Glow Indicates activation of UPS Mode.
Charging HC/ NC Switch LED Glow Indicates activation of High Charging Mode.
Hybrid   Switch LED Glow Signs Inverter to Cut – off mains input as Battery is Fully Charged.


  • Pure sine wave home UPS
  • wide mains Voltage Range for Battery Charging i.e. 90V – 300V
  • Great Power Saving
  • Multi Color LCD Display
  • Ability to Run output load exclusively through Solar Power
  • Dual intelligent mode of charging – with priority to Solar
  • Advance Surface Mounting Technology
  • No Humming Noise
  • Easy to Service
  • Can operate Solar & Mains

Disclaimer: The Price & Specs Shown May Be Different From Actual. Please Confirm Before Purchasing.

Additional information



Input AC Voltage

230 V

Input Supply Phases

Single Phase

Input Voltage range (Voc)

45 – 90 V

Load Capacity

4 kw

Max Panel Capacity

3 Kw

Nominal Battery Voltage

48 V

Output waveform

Pure Sine Wave

Solar Charger


Solar Charger Current

50 A

Switching Element


VA Capacity

5000 VA

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